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Green Office Building Growing on Hungarian Office Market

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Mar 1st, 2017
Green Office Building Growing on Hungarian Office Market
Today most of the Hungarian office sector has broadly adapted green practices. Though not every building is necessarily certified by a green-rating system, the rate of growth in ‘green’ building has been enormously rising.

Every fourth office building has a BREEAM or LEED  

One-quarter of modern office buildings in Budapest have been granted sustainability evaluation certification, while even among the older offices an increasing number are using more sustainable  and modern technologies, according to the CBRE report. More and more office owners have recognized the importance of improving employee’s wellbeing and productivity.  Almost all new office market entrants in the Hungarian market offer architectural and environmental management solutions to their future office tenants.  The industry, furthermore, is becoming more sustainability-conscious. Today, every fourth office building has a BREEAM or LEED certification, meaning Budapest has 56 buildings with about 830,000 sqm of office area that provide a sustainable working environment for employees and environment alike, CBRE shows. The huge majority of new built offices or those under construction are certified green, CBRE indicates. As far as areas pre-leased prior to construction are concerned, the share of green-rated sites in the Hungarian capital is 91%.

What makes a green office?

Office owners and managers are also placed under increasing obligations to be focused on cutting down on productivity costs and to find more sustainable ways of going about their business endeavours. Companies are coming to the realization that investing in ‘green’ principles is more profitable in the long run. Green offices take advantage of renewable resources. Many other techniques are used, such as using low-impact building materials. Most interior lighting is provided by high-efficient LED fixtures, offices contain water-efficient technologies, recycling containers, bins, and cleaning staff uses eco-friendly cleaning products.

Older offices getting green too

Even older offices are altered their office buildings to serve 21st century clients’ needs.  Many of them aim to react flexibly to latest changes and demands of the younger generations as well. Many of them want to prove their efforts by acquiring certifications, which already shows up in figures.

For new offices it is a must have 

Most of the newer buildings already have green strategies as part of the design. V17 and Nordic Light have already acquired LEED Gold certification green building rating system with a remarkably high score. Green House also possesses Leed Platinum certification. Váci Corner received excellent BREEAM ratings such as Akadémia OfficiumVáci Greens and the southern part of the VisionTowers. Many was granted ’very good’ ratings.  19 offices were rated in 2 categories of BREEAM and 7 office buildings in LEED. Residence Offices and Rumbach Center got a DGNB Gold certificate, a certification mainly well-known in German-speaking countries. Eiffel Palace is said to be the first and so far the only office development in Central and Eastern Europe that qualified for both the BREEAM and the LEED environmental qualifications, having met the strict criteria of both green building certification systems.


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